HR Consulting

As part of our services we present to E-Vacations our HR Consulting Services that will provide a full assessment of the HR function to assure its compliance. This audit will identify opportunities or risks with the HR Function on all legal and regulatory compliance processes and/or procedures.


The HR Practices vs Policies

Compliance with required Labor Department Posters, Compliance on HR Policies trainings required by law to be communicated to all employees (Health & Safety basic rules, Non- Discrimination Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Domestic Violence Policy and Protocol, Sexual Orientation & Gender Protocol and Electronic Surveillance), Employee Manual Audit to ensure the policies and procedures in the content match with daily practices. This area also includes ADA Job description compliance.

Talent Acquisition

Job requisition process, job posting process, Employment Application Form, Interview process, Affirmative Action Plan, I-9 Form filing and storing, new employee induction process and employee files audit


Salary increase policy & practices and other Pay practices; Salary Structures for non-exempt and exempt workers’ categories, Equal Pay for Equal Job review, Performance Bonus, and Christmas Bonus.


Company’s benefits communication process with employees and Leaves of Absence administration practices (Military, FMLA, SINOT, Maternity/Breast Feeding, ADA, COBRA, and others).

Employee Relations

Incidents Investigations vs Incidents, Disciplinary Action Practice Vs Disciplinary Written Procedures, Exit Interviews and Performance Management System and Process.

Legal Cases & Payroll practices

  • Identify the most critical legal issues and trends if any.
  • Payroll payments practices, Attendance Records, and Vacation Accruals.